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RipRow Seat Assembly

RipRow Seat Assembly

$ 199.00

If you're RipRowing to improve your Riding, you're going to want this detachable, adjustable seat assembly. Make your RipRowing even more effective. Learn to move around your seat. Make crazy riding situations feel as normal as working out at home. 

Order by 11:30pm on Dec 9, 2018 to receive by 12/24 (subject to change)
MTBers: Set the saddle to your dropper's down height.
BMXers: Set the saddle to your race height.
MXers: Set the saddle to your moto's saddle height.
Everyone: The seat helps you develop a quality hinging pattern, rather than a lazy squatting pattern. Most sports (and daily activities) are best performed while hinging your hips rather than just bending your knees. 

Wisconsin Women Cycling is your Midwest connection for the RipRow™ standing rower. Call 920-901-1233 to make an appointment for a demo at our Studio or to make arrangements to bring them to you.

Hot off the assembley line, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

*If you're not stoked with your RipRow, return it in new condition within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

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